Tips How To Learn English Easyly and Precisely

Nowadays, learning English is a mandatory thing to do, more specifically for people who have worked as well as people who want to enter the professional world,  this is what makes people look for ways to learn English easily.

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English is an international language that can be used to interact and communicate with people of different countries, cultures, and  also in   terms of language.

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Ways To Learn English Easily

Like Indonesia, of course other countries have  their own language so that English is used as a jembatan to connect the  differences in  languages that exist in the world.

Learning English for some people, especially for people who are still new, is something that is quite difficult. This is because there are many words, types of sentences, ways of mentioning them, and grammar, as well as the way they are written that are different from the way they are mentioned.

To learn English yourself will feel very pleasant and easy if we know how to learn English in the right way. The following is a way to learn English easily for beginners who can help in the learning process.

Getting Started With  Basic Conversation

Before going too far into thinking about learning English, it’s best to get to know and understand the basic words that are often used in everyday speech.

For example, by using a thank you, namely thank you, both (you are welcome) and what are you doing in English (how are you) and others that are often used to interact with people around you.

By starting to learn English like this, it can be a way to learn English easily that can be practiced because it is relatively simple and also effective.

Recognizing and Understanding Tenses/Word Forms

In English,  the word form is referred to  as tenses which is an important and also fundamental element in learning English. Tenses are verb forms in English that have the purpose of notifying the conditions of the time or when an event occurred.

To learn English easily, you must be able to understand the tense s form that shows about the past, the present, there is also the future.


Apart from understanding tenses and also the use of basic words, listening to conversations or music in English can be a way of learning English easily.

If you are used to listening, then indirectly various terms in English can be derived from other people’s words.  This is the best way to train yourself to get used to the process of listening to English.


Another way to learn English easily is to practice pronunciation because English has a different writing from the way it is pronounced. It should be learned by beginners which is definitely effective.

To learn pronounciation on your own, there have been many English dictionaries that have provided the pronounciation sounds of English words. This can help to improve learning ability so that it can be in accordance with the target.

After learning about pronunciation, types of sentences, and basic words  that are often used, it is already possible to move on to grammar or how to write in English which is often referred to as grammar.

Next, don’t forget to expand it to read English articles or other English writings.  After being able to do the above steps, you can continue by finding a partner to have a conversation, or start watching a movie without subtitles.